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List of Panoramas:

San Francisco United States of America

Kim Miskowicz

A visual artist that is a part of an experimental film community in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

"...Each artist in a relay that I would like to participare would draw one's daily commute along with a drawing of landscape that is an escape from their daily commute..."



New York City United States of America
Pamela Enz

Multi-media artist using her own text and lines of others that both haunt and inspire as the foundation for large collage that she uses as backdrop to her performance work even as they stand alone as works of art.

"...There is no surface to the world. Which means to me much of  what is described as memes - we are all exchanging bits of information wordlessly. More than just brain info I feel we exchange deeper wordless emotions, spiritual truths that bind and lift humanity as a whole higher into a non physical but truer plane..."



London United Kingdom
Marianne Holm Hansen

Marianne (born in Denmark, based in London) works across media to consider how we come to experience things as we do. With a focus on the role of memory within interpretation, she considers how experiences are formed -- and may be re-formed -- through system, image and/or language.

"Playing the Panorama gives me the opportunity to further explore how landscape informs experience and how experience, in turn, underpins our perception of landscape.  In attempting to simultaneously draw a site and its experience,  I’ll consider diverse visual systems and hope to find new ways of relaying site-specific information and understandings.”

Marianne Holm Hansen



Svalbard the Arctic Region - Norway
Merete Røstad

Norwegian artist that will be joining various scientific expedition to Svalbard and the Arctic. The expeditions are organised by PolArt, which is an unique collaboration between scientific research network ARCTOS (Young Scientist Forum), Tromsø Culture centre and Tromsø Art center.
This expedition takes place from 16 july  - 5 august 2009.

"... I will continue to explore the potential of spatial and temporal constructs as a catalyst for engaging with history, identity and memory... "



Berlin Germany
Hanneke van der Hoeven

Hanneke van der Hoeven, a Dutch artists, living and working in Berlin, is working at the moment on a drawn book about this city. In 2001 she made a graphic novel about her travels in Africa. Hanneke works also in the field of comics, animation, theatre design, and illustration.

Hanneke van der Hoeven



Sharjah United Arab Emirates
Mithra Birdie

Pakistan artist that will be moving from Karachi to Sharjah. A developing city in the United Arab Emirates. It's a historic city with Islamic roots but filling up with immigrants from various cultures and different nationalities.

"... This panorama shall be an attempt to capture the sights of Sharjah, a new and developing city in the UAE...A city with Islamic roots but filling up with immigrants from various cultures and different nationalities...I hope that the panorama will allow me to bridge the distance and get a better understanding of this new residence..."



Lahore Pakistan
Muhammad Atif Khan

Is working in the fields of mixed media, printmaking and installation art. Muhammad Atif Khan is also a part of the permanent faculty of the National College of Arts in Lahore.

"... I will surely draw a landscape which will show the social and cultural aspects of todays Pakistani society. The diversity of different cultures and their issues can made this project a mile stone in the history... My works are narrative in nature. One can find recognizable objects and symbols in them, which denote obvious meanings. These can lead the viewer to find hidden messages..."



Siberia Russia
Various Artists

The first Play the Panorama project that started during the summer of 2008 in Kemerovo, Siberia. The project was initiated by the Dutch artist Ronald Huynen when he visited Siberia, and presented the drawing instrument to local artists. Participants were asked to continue to draw a moving landscape, an interpretation of the world that surrounds them. In June 2009 more than eleven artists have participated.

From September 2 to November 2 2009 this panorama will be part of the VIII Krasnoyarsk Biennale: See also: Krasnoyarsk.pdf


Seoul South Korea
Shin Young Woo

"... I think that one space can be defined by show characters of around of the space.
So, if I can participate in the program I will draw trees lining a street, roads and river, etc in Seoul without buildings. Korea traditional painters walked the land to drew their landscape, so they didn't use perspective drawing method, they use multiple vanishing points. I think, this drawing method is the most attractive element in Korea traditional drawings..."




July 25, 2009:

A user guide for Playing the Panorama can be found here:

This guide will probably be slightly changed before the start of the new relay panorama's. This example is only meant to give you a better idea of all the practical aspects around this project.

July 25, 2009:

July 14, 2009:

This is a concept page. I used your application to write the text about your panorama. If you want to correct, add or write a different text, feel free to mail me. Also I need a picture that tells something about your travelogue, theme, location, or way of working. If you have something for this, please mail it to me. When completed, this page will be used to launch the start of all the panoramas. It should tell something about the different artistic perspectives of all the artists and their surroundings.